this got SAD

this got SAD



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sexuality on

Confessions from an ex-famous ACer/PCer

Hello. Pleased to meet you. I hope this gets published. I spent time putting sincere thought into this.

So, I noticed these blogs usually feature noobs and creeps, but no one ever rants on “the 1%.” I’m talking about those with 340+ avatars, 100+ trophies, high-end UCs, and beautiful accounts who are basically seen as “untouchables.” Well, of course no one ever talks about them. They have fucking 130+ month accounts and watch their backs like they’re in the Amazon, so they never say anything out of line. They’re TNT’s favorite people. They’re the ones who go around with sycophantic comments like “I just love that Deluxe Wing from the NC Mall you bought! ^_^” to a total stranger. And admit it, you’ve probably admired their shininess from afar at one point or another.

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s all a fucking illusion.

It’s hard to rant on those types of people, because others will just accuse you of being jealous. Well, baby, I used to be in the 1% too, and let me tell you: it’s a load of crap up there.

I was in a guild similar to (It may look like it has over-the-roof requirements, but really, it’s not that hard for hardcore players who’ve played for years.) Anyway, the guild was fine at first. Except people started to get cliquey. Of course, everyone on Neopets is cliquey, so whatever, right? 

No, people started to cast others out. If you didn’t have UC pets, you were slowly ignored in every conversation. If you didn’t have Premium, you were left out in favor of those who did. And of course the amount of neopoints you had in the bank was a fucking deal, like we’re in Wolf of Wall Street or some shit.

Anyway, whatever, I didn’t have any of those save for one badly named UC Werelupe. I didn’t care. But then the clique problem got worse. One day, one of the users in my guild was complaining in her “cute” way of how she was having problems with a roommate. Everyone else skirted around the problem with “Awww, sorry to hear, here’s a Bottle of Love for you! xoxo” So I told her to toughen up and have a direct conversation with the bastard roommate instead. OOPS. Wrong move. She got pissed at me.

The very next day, every single user who was good friends with her ignored me. I’d join in the conversations, only to be shot down cold in their fucking passive aggressive way. They’d acknowledge other members who joined (“Hi James! Hi Liz!”) but completely ignore me, even though I was right there.

If you want the actual usernames, I’d be happy to give them. I was really tempted to post them here, but I refrained from doing so. I’ll just say that once you see their accounts, you’ll be amazed. You’ll be like, “Man, that’s an elite account.” I’m serious. 

But they have shit-as-fuck attitudes, and that’s the main reason I stick to places like the newbie chat and elsewhere. Because here, people actually treat me as a decent human being regardless of my account. People here don’t live in a fantasy shit world where elite pixels = “friendship.”

I’m so done.


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